City College of San Francisco Facilities Master Plan EIR

The Board of Trustees of the City College of San Francisco (CCSF, college) approved the Facilities Master Plan (FMP, or plan). The CCSF facilities include the main campus on Ocean Avenue and Frida Kahlo Way, and 10 instructional and administrative satellite centers located throughout San Francisco.

The FMP is intended to provide a roadmap for facilities development in order to support the goals and strategies of the college’s Education Master Plan (EMP). The FMP is one of the resource plans within the integrated planning process. It is a long-range plan that sets a unified direction for CCSF’s facilities over the next five years, and provides a continuing guide to CCSF’s integrated planning, future actions, and decisions about the allocation of facilities resources.

The FMP includes the renovation, demolition, and construction of a comprehensive list of facilities at the main campus (Ocean Campus). It also includes a bird’s eye view of potential improvements to the facilities at the satellite locations.

This scope of work assumes the preparation of a programmatic CEQA analysis of the proposed FMP improvements and a more detailed analysis of the proposed improvements at Ocean Campus and at Evans Center – the CCSF satellite location at 1400 Evans Avenue in the Hunters Point Area.