We’ve moved… and reduced our GHG emissions, too.

Great news! Impact Sciences recently moved from our Pasadena office to an incredible space within the Fine Arts Building in downtown Los Angeles. Our new office sits above the 7th and Metro Center subway station, which has made it far easier for our employees to take Metro to and from the office rather than driving a car.

Thinking about these improvements, we became curious as to how these changes affect our global environment, specifically in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Using fairly conservative estimations, (hey we’re CEQA folk – that’s how we roll) such as assuming half of our employees drive to the office, (currently 80% of employees use public transit to get to the new office), we’ve reduced our GHG emissions by approximately 47% compared to our Pasadena office emissions. That’s about 14 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide, or about 85 pounds every day.

As an environmental firm, we take pride in making environmentally conscious decisions and actively contributing to a more sustainable future for our local and global communities. Have you or your company also committed to making more earth-friendly choices? If so, drop us a line—we’d love to hear what you’re up to.