Impact Sciences is pleased to announce the newest member of our team, John R. Anderson. John is joining the firm as an Associate Principal. Leading our Northern California team, John’s role is to provide senior oversight, strategic direction, and staff training.

With more than 30 years of experience, John brings to Impact Sciences extensive knowledge of the regulatory, environmental health and safety, and environmental planning industries. He has a long track record for managing large environmental programs and projects across North America. Most recently, John has focused his attention on the Corrections, Education, Energy and Water planning and compliance markets. In California, he has managed the Environmental Planning Program for the Los Angeles Unified School District; prepared Program EIRs for various water authorities and school districts; performed due diligence for public and private sector clients in real estate and corporate acquisitions; and has been retained as an expert witness in relation to school, transportation, and remediation projects.

John has a seasoned familiarity with project management, staff development, and financial and administrative management. He’s provided strategic leadership for projects in the areas of CEQA/NEPA environmental impact reporting, risk management, preliminary endangerment assessments, Phase I and follow-on invasive site investigations, litigation support, QA/QC programs, public participation programs, and site safety programs. Impact Sciences is proud to have John as a vital member of our firm.

Interested in working with John Anderson on your next project? Connect with him at or (510) 267-0494.