In 2019 alone, more than 59,000 people live without homes in the County of Los Angeles, an increase of 12% from the previous year. With Impact Sciences’ headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, a major center for the state’s largest homeless population, our team set out to give back to the community this holiday season. Impact Sciences joined forces with The Giving Spirit, a non-profit organization leading individuals and corporate teams every year in a massive volunteer effort to provide aid to men, women, children, and families living on the streets of Los Angeles.

Founded in 1999, The Giving Spirit celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Among its many achievements over the past two decades, the non-profit organization has served more than 53,000 people in need across Los Angeles County, from Skid Row to Santa Monica and beyond. Since its inception, The Giving Spirit has mobilized more than 180,000 volunteers from all walks of life. It leans on the volunteer participation of individuals and organizations like Impact Sciences that wish to lend a helping hand in assembling and distributing survival kits and other support aid. More than 95% of every donation The Giving Spirit receives supports its homelessness outreach effort, helping the organization achieve incredibly low overhead expenses and, thereby, creating more available funds and resources to substantially support vulnerable communities.

Five team members (pictured below) from Impact Sciences spent a Friday afternoon with hundreds of like-minded volunteers at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church, assembling 3500+ survival kits to be delivered to various homeless communities and individuals throughout the city. Each kit contains more than 70 items, providing sustenance to individuals in their time of need. Items in the kit cover hydration, hygiene, nutrition, utility, and weather protection. Neatly packaged in a large duffel bag, the kit comes with a warm wool blanket, food, clothing, soap, gloves and other common necessities. Once the kits are assembled, a separate volunteer group leads the delivery effort to homeless communities, including downtown Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and other areas across the county.

The Giving Spirit is more than just a volunteer machine—it’s a source of education and awareness. In addition to outreach, leaders of the organization host seasonal workshops to educate the community on the needs of vulnerable populations and how we can all make even just a small effort to help those in need.

To learn more about The Giving Spirit and how you, your company, friends, or family can donate or volunteer for an outreach initiative, visit the organization online at