City of Pasadena Reuse of the Desiderio Army Reserve Center EIR

Impact Sciences prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the City of Pasadena Reuse of the Desiderio Army Reserve Center Project. The proposed project consists of a 3.87-acre public park (Desiderio Park) and a 1.29-acre site with nine single-family homes. Desiderio Park was proposed as a neighborhood park and would include the minimum standard set of amenities as proposed by the City’s Green Space, Recreation and Parks Master Plan. The City of Pasadena’s objectives for the demolition and reuse of the Desiderio Army Reserve Center project included providing affordable ownership housing opportunities in the City of Pasadena; providing high quality neighborhood park space in west Pasadena; and implementing the vision of the reuse plan that was adopted by the Pasadena City Council and approved by the Department of Defense. As part of the proposed project, Habitat for Humanity intended to construct nine single-family detached bungalows in a courtyard formation. The bungalows were proposed to be constructed through a “self-help sweat equity” program and sold at affordable prices to families that earn up to 80 percent of the area median income. Key issues associated with the proposed project included historic resources, traffic, and hazards.