City of Bell 2030 Comprehensive General Plan Update and Bicycle Master Plan EIR Addendum

Impact Sciences prepared an Addendum to the previously certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the City of Bell’s 2030 Comprehensive General Plan Update and Bicycle Master Plan. The Addendum was prepared in compliance with the State CEQA Guidelines. The purpose of the Addendum was to assess any environmental impact differences between the proposed General Plan Elements for Environmental Justice, Health & Safety, and Housing, also referred to as the “Proposed Elements,” and the adopted 2030 City of Bell General Plan. More specifically, the Addendum was designed to determine whether and to what extent the General Plan EIR would be sufficient for addressing the potential environmental impacts and mitigation measures for the Proposed Elements. Based on substantial evidence provided in the Addendum, the General Plan EIR, and other materials in the record, the City of Bell determined that the Proposed Elements were within the General Plan EIR as the proposed Environmental Justice, Housing, and Health and Safety Elements had no new significant environmental impacts; no substantial increase in the severity of previously identified significant effects; no mitigation measures or alternatives previously found infeasible and now feasible; and no mitigation measures or alternatives which were considerably different from those in the General Plan EIR. Thus, neither a subsequent nor supplemental EIR was required. However, some changes and additions were found to be necessary to the General Plan EIR.