It’s not often that I meet a person whose positive energy radiates a room. It’s the kind of person who never seems to have a bad day—even when some days are like a million Mondays all at once. It’s the kind of person who can tell a joke in the middle of a workload meeting and have the whole table in laughter. Cai Owens, Impact Sciences’ Marketing & Business Development Manager, is certainly that kind of person.

Maybe it’s her sparkly nails or the way she gracefully sings, “Hasta pastas,” on her way out the door at the end of a day. Whatever it is, she’s the perfect persona to build and nurture professional relationships on behalf of Impact Sciences.

With a degree in International Marketing from Howard University, Cai had an early start learning the ropes of business development and environmental consulting. She proudly talks about one of her first positions as a project manager for a waste management firm. “Bringing in new business was a project for everyone,” she explained, adding that the art of relating to people is a basic human function regardless of your job title. A major tenet of professionalism for Cai is figuratively plastered over everything she does, and it reads, “We’re all capable of nurturing meaningful relationships.”

When asked how she got into the work of building business relationships, her response was simple enough: “I’ll talk to anybody—that’s how I got into this space.” Most days, you can find Cai at various networking events around Southern California. And if you do bump into her, you’re in for a lighthearted conversation (with a few laughs) underpinned by a pointed interest in working together on environmental projects.

It’s been several months since this marketing master joined the Impact Sciences team. About her experience with the firm so far, she noted that working in close contact with a small team is something she really enjoys. “Because we’re a small business, I have the ability to just walk up to my team members if I have a question. The ability to interact intimately with staff is great,” said Cai.

When it comes to collaboration of a small team, the multiple hats worn by team members are a plus for Cai. “There is not a job that one person can’t and won’t do,” she said, “everyone is really collegial.”

Besides being a team player, Cai is a visionary, and she just wants people to know about Impact Sciences. In her first year, she plans to help increase the company’s visibility in the environmental planning sphere across California. “When people in our industry hear ‘Impact Sciences,’ I want them to say, ‘oh, Impact Sciences? I know who they are. I’ve seen their work, and I’ve met their people.’” Cai has a specific goal—she wants Impact Sciences to be right where there is work to be done.

What’s refreshing about this marketing maven is that environmental consulting isn’t just signing new contracts. She believes that consulting should have a purpose in the world. A “hippie in heels” is what she calls herself because of her deeper interest in educating the community on environmental issues. “When dealing with CEQA and NEPA, we’re looking to mitigate issues, environmental hazards, and concerns that affect communities,” said Cai, “those are the things that I’m passionate about—that drive me as a human.” In order to foster education and be positive environmental stewards in the community, she believes that working together with other companies and industries is a must. And so we come full circle to her dynamic skill in nurturing relationships.

When she’s not networking or writing proposals and sifting through RFPs, Cai is likely to be mulling over wedding invitation fonts and floral arrangements with her fiancé, in preparation for their February wedding in Washington, DC. “Ridiculous” and “over the top” are the words she used describe her big day. And if you know the level of enthusiasm Cai brings to her work on a daily basis, then perhaps the description of her wedding is spot on.

Impact Sciences is proud to have Cai on board as a vital player in business development. Want to invite her to a networking event, talk about ways to partner with Impact Sciences, or maybe just send her positive affirmations about wedding planning? Feel free to send a message via email at She’ll be glad to hear from you.